Native American Artifacts Arrowheads

Our traveling displays are excellent ways to showcase the past.

These artifacts are real and quite valuable. For this reason Displays will be leased to reputable organizations. They are leased by the month for a flat fee, per display. Displays will be installed by one of our certified technicians and must not be opened or artifacts handled. For the time being we’d like to keep the displays within a 200 mile radius, expanded territory coming soon.

The following is a list of what you will find in THIS display:

  • Assorted Archaic Arrowheads
  • San Jacinto Arrowheads
  • Bird Points
  • Andice Arrowheads
  • Pedernales Arrowheads
  • Cumberland and Northumberland Arrowheads
  • Pipe Creek Arrowheads
  • White Agate Bird Points
  • Exotics
  • Fluted Points
  • Castroville ans Marshall Arrowheads
  • Archaic Drills
  • San Saba Arrowheads
  • Base Tang Knives
  • Corner and Base Tang Knives and Drills
  • Kinney and Darl Knives
  • Covington Knife
  • Friday Knife
  • Archaic Knife
  • Flint Blanks
  • Paleo Arrowheads
  • Hell Gap and Rio Grand Arrowheads
  • Cody Complex Arrowheads
  • Trade Points
  • Wealth Blade
  • Obsidian Archaic Arrowheads
  • Obsidian Bird Points
  • Modern Art Arrowheads